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The Dachshund Terrier Mix: A Feisty and Fun Hybrid

Dachshund Terrier Mix

The Dachshund terrier mix brings together two classic breeds known for being lively, clever and utterly adorable: the wiener dog Dachshund and any number of spunky terrier breeds. The result? A small mixed-breed dog that’s bursting with dynamic energy and personality!

What do prospective puppy parents need to know about this unique cross between one of the Dachshund dog breeds and a terrier breed? Let’s explore everything from their appearance, expected temperament, and activity needs to health considerations.

We’ll also showcase some of the most popular Dachshund mixes and terrier hybrids, plus provide care and training guidance to help you decide if one of these distinctive designer dogs might make the ultimate family addition.

Ready to learn all about this feisty, fun-loving crossbreed? Let’s dive in!

An Overview of Dachshunds and Terriers

To understand the traits a Dachshund terrier mix might inherit, we first need to understand the parent breeds – Dachshunds and terriers.

Dachshunds (often nicknamed doxies) are famously long and low. Bred originally in Germany to hunt badgers and other burrowing prey, their elongated bodies and short little legs made them the perfect size to scramble down holes and tunnels.

Although small, Dachshunds have giant personalities. They are clever, curious and lively dogs that thoroughly enjoy playtime and lots of time with their people. Their loud, keen voices give them away as terriers despite their hound status.

Modern Dachshund breeds come in three coat varieties – smooth, longhaired and wirehaired. They also have three size classifications based on their weight – standard (usually 16-32 lbs), miniature (11 lbs and under) and kaninchen, or “rabbit” (8 lbs or less).

Terriers encompass a wide and feisty family of breeds. Originally from the British Isles, most terriers were bred to hunt vermin and small game. To succeed at their jobs, terriers needed to have endless energy, fierce bravery far beyond their tiny statures, and an assertive, independent nature.

Today, the terrier group contains breeds of all sizes – from the relatively giant Airedale to the tiny Russian toy terrier. Some have wiry coats perfect for protecting them underground, while others sport silky fur.

But in general, modern terriers of all stripes retain the lively, spirited temperaments of their working heritage. They continue to make popular pets, show dogs and even working companions.

Now that we understand the background of Dachshund and terrier dog breeds, what happens when they combine through crossbreeding? Let’s find out!

The Dachshund Terrier Mix A Feisty and Fun Hybrid
The Dachshund Terrier Mix: A Feisty and Fun Hybrid 1

What is a Dachshund Terrier Mix?

A Dachshund-terrier mix (sometimes called a Dachshund-terrier cross) is a hybrid or designer dog breed. This means it’s the product of purebred Dachshund dogs breeding with purebred terriers like:

  • Jack Russell
  • Cairn
  • Rat Terrier
  • Fox Terrier
  • Manchester Terrier
  • Miniature Schnauzer

And more!

Mix-breed dogs offer unique genetic diversity. While first-generation crosses exhibit more unpredictability regarding physical traits and temperament, over time breeders can work toward establishing new intentional breeds.

For now, each Dachshund terrier mix puppy differs wildly depending on which terrier was crossed with the Dachshund parent. There’s no consistency yet in these young designer dog lines.

Let’s explore what we do know about these varied crosses!

The Origins of Dachshund Terrier Mixed Dog Breeds

Dachshund and terrier mix breeds don’t have documented origin stories like ancient breeds do. As a modern hybrid breed developed deliberately by crossing two existing breeds, they likely first appeared within the last 25 years.

Dachshund mix breeds initially grew in popularity due to society’s increasing interest in – and acceptance of – mixed dog breeds rather than purebreds alone. The drive for eye-catching and uniquely loving designer dogs prompted breeders to start blending Dachshund lines with all sorts of partners.

Terriers made especially good mates for the purpose thanks to their energetic, cheeky personalities suiting the Dachshund temperament.

As people continue seeking out mixed breeds for various reasons like perceived better health, more sizes and coat types to choose from, and that unique genetic lottery, Dachshund and terrier crosses seem poised to increase.

Especially as people discover just how appealing those petite packages of lively loyalty can be!

Which brings us our next important point of interest – what’s this hybrid really like?

Dachshund Terrier Mix Temperament and Behavior

While mixed breeds prove more unpredictable regarding inheriting purebred traits, we can make some educated guesses about temperament based on the backgrounds of the parent breeds.

Dachshunds and terriers share a number of key personality characteristics. Both tend to be:

  • Lively
  • Intelligent
  • Strong-willed
  • Confident to the point of bossy
  • Fiercely loyal to “their” people
  • Potentially aggressive toward strangers or other dogs
  • Prone to barking and chasing small animals due to high prey drive
  • Needy of lots of attention and play time

Does this make them challenging pets? Sometimes, yes.

Terriers and Dachshunds can prove frustrating for inexperienced owners struggling to properly socialize, train and channel all that tenacious energetic intelligence.

They also perform best in adult only homes or those with older children who understand proper handling. Their small size coupled with feistiness makes them poor matches for toddlers or younger kids prone to grabbing at pets.

Additionally, their penchant for loud barking at every little sound can frustrate neighbors in tight living quarters like apartments or duplexes.

BUT in the right homes willing to commit to their special needs, both Dachshund dog breeds and terriers make wonderfully lively, loving companions. There’s a good chance the blended Dachshund terrier mix will share the best of both worlds.

Let’s look closer at some pros and cons of their expected character traits.

Pros of the Dachshund Terrier Mix Temperament

Playful and fun-loving

Both parent groups live to play! Whether racing zoomies through the yard or wrestling with favorite dog toys, this frisky fellow will beg you to join in the games.

Affectionate and “velcro”

Dachshunds cling loyally to chosen people, earning them a reputation as “velcro” dogs always sticking by your side. Don’t be surprised if this mix showers you with kisses before kipping on your feet!

Smart and eager to learn

Blessed with plenty of brains behind those bright button eyes, Dachshund and terrier crosses tend to soak up new lessons with ease – especially when food motivation is involved!

Confident beyond their small size

Dauntless dachshund DNA gifts this sturdy little mite boldness to explore their worlds without hesitation – for better or worse! Their outsized assurance always garners attention and smiles.

Devoted to “their” person

That selective loyalty means showering their chosen favorite human with endless love and laying protective claim against strangers. Expect to be shadowed by your new best friend everywhere.

Small Dog Portrait
The Dachshund Terrier Mix: A Feisty and Fun Hybrid 2

Cons of the Dachshund Terrier Mix Temperament

Excessive, loud barking

With keen watchdog instincts from both lineage lines, these vocal pups may feel compelled to sound the alarm at every passing squirrel and unwelcome visitor. Better polish up those quiet cues!

Defensive to the point of aggression

The Dachshund terrier mix often inherits feisty fearlessness prone to sparking friction. Proper extensive early socialization helps tremendously to dull sharp territorial edges.

Challenging housebreaking

Between tiny stubborn bladders and an occasional tendency to mark turf indoors, achieving potty training sometimes tries owners’ patience. Stick to positive reinforcement and set them up for success.

Demanding of abundant exercise

These vivacious dynamos need multiple vigorous romps plus mental stimulation to drain their energy banks constructively. Lacking sufficient outlets leads to destructive mischief!

Prone to anxiety when left alone

Attached Velcro dachshunds stressed by isolation mixed with terriers requiring near-constant companionship makes for pups poorly suited to empty houses 40+ hours a week. They do best with understanding work-from-home owners or alternate care.

Not ideal for homes with very small kids

Heavy-handed toddlers plus delicate dachshund backs make a risky combo. Additionally, quick-to-snap terriers + grabby fingers can spell trouble. Supervise closely in younger family environments.

While a big personality package for sure, committed owners willing to adapt their lifestyles find that pros outweigh the stubborn streaks. Proper care makes the Dachshund and terrier crossbreed dog a delightful buddy.

Now let’s explore the range of their physical features!

The Appearance of Dachshund Terrier Mixes

Since the Dachshund terrier mix may contain genes from dozens of different terrier breeds crossed with Dachshunds, appearance ranges widely across litters. No two look exactly alike!

Most mature between 10-30 pounds depending on parents’ sizes. They usually measure 8-15 inches tall at the shoulder.

Dachshund genes seem to dominate the structure. The classic long, low proportions with moderately short legs set atop a comparatively much longer back rules the silhouette of most terrier and Dachshund crosses.

However, a few inherit slightly more terrier traits like a marginally less elongated build, especially when bred from taller-on-leg working terriers known for scrambling through brush or tunnels.

Beyond basic conformation, all other features spin the genetic roulette wheel. Expect delightful diversity:

Coats and Markings

Smooth, long or wired coats. Bi or tri-color patches. Solid or brindle builds. Floppy, folded, cropped or erect ears. Even curly hair if a poodle terrier entered the mix! Anything goes coat-wise.

Facial Features

Button noses. Underbites revealing endearing tongue tips. Soulful round, almond or bright button eyes. The unlimited blend of terrier distinction and Dachshund darlingness never disappoints.

Yes, these distinct designer dogs certainly capture attention with their unique looks! But do their needs differ much from the parent breeds when it comes to care?

Grooming Requirements of the Dachshund Terrier Mix

Luckily, the compact size of Dachshund and terrier hybrid breed dogs makes grooming sufficiently low-maintenance for most owners. Consider expected care needs based on possible coat types:

Smooth Coated

Short slick hair like Dachshunds and terrier breeds such as Staffordshire Bull require minimal combing to control shedding couple times a week. Bathe only when dirty.


Silky or wavy fur along the lines of Yorkshire or Soft Coated Wheaten demands daily brushing to prevent mats and distribute skin oils. Bathing every 2-3 weeks helps keep hair clean and tangle-free. Expect professional trims every 6-8 weeks.


Dense, wiry, water-resistant jackets like official Wirehaired Dachshunds or Wire Fox Terriers need weekly brushing with a slicker brush to remove dead hair and distribute natural conditioning oils from skin. Hand pluck excess coat a few times per year. Bathe only when dirty to retain optimal texture. Expect shedding average to heavy.

Any Terrier Cross

Regularly check and clean foldy ear flaps to prevent infections exacerbated by condensation and buildup in cramped ear canals. Carefully trim nails every week or two to prevent underground trauma since some terriers love to dig pits in pursuit of squirrels.

With proper weekly grooming tending to their coat type and other preventative maintenance, the Dachshund and terrier crossbreed will stay looking – and smelling! – quite dapper.

Now how about their exercise and mental enrichment needs?

Activity Levels of Dachshund Terrier Crosses

Plan for these energetic hybrids to need at least 30-60 minutes of vigorous exercise daily. Preferably involving off leash running space to zoom and play with canine buddies.

Additionally, they thrive having several mentally stimulating activities interspersed throughout the day. Food puzzles. Hide and seek games. New dog toys to attack. Both mental and physical exertion keeps them balanced and out of trouble.

Terrier and Dachshund lineage means you’re dealing with active working dogs here with far more get-up-and-go than the average toy companion breed! Budget plenty of time catering to their needs.

Can their small frames handle such intense exercise? With reasonable precautions…

Health and Structural Considerations

Cross breed dogs often benefit from hybrid vigor granting improved health over their purebred parents – especially when breeding out from lines plagued by inherited conditions. Always request proof of health testing from the breeder.

That said, some purebred flaws may persist:

Dachshund Issues

Undersized Dachshund chests predispose them to collapsing trachea. Shortened legs increase back injury risks, especially if allowed to leap from furniture or tackle stairs before skeletal maturity around 1 year old.

Terrier Problems

Many suffer inherited lens luxation, patellar luxation and some heart defects. Selective breeding to exaggerate aggression also wired brains abnormally. Serious behavior issues may require medication or management strategies well beyond training alone.

Universal Health Issues

Reputable breeders screen for issues such as eye defects, liver shunts, kneecap dislocation, neurological problems, autoimmune disorders and congenital deafness associated with the piebald gene – all of which may impact either parent breed.

What about lifespan expectancy?

How Long Do Dachshund Terrier Crosses Live?

The Dachshund boasts exceptional longevity for his size, averaging 12-16 years. Comparatively, terriers live a bit less at around 12-14 years.

Therefore, with optimized preventative and responsive veterinary care, your unique Dachshund terrier mixed dog will likely bless you with a good decade plus of delightful antics before saying goodbye. Invest in solid pet insurance and annual wellness checks to catch issues early!

Okay, hopefully now you have a clearer grasp on this unique hybrid’s expected physical and behavioral tendencies inherited from their terrier breeds and dachshund breed lineage. How about we peek at some of the most popular blends?

While the genetic outcomes spin wildly across an entire litter with so many possible terrier infusion options, a few specific Dachshund terrier crosses seem to capture hearts most frequently.

Let’s learn why!

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix

This bubbly blend marries two similarly pint-sized bundles of barely contained energy!

Jack Russell Dachshund Mix
The Dachshund Terrier Mix: A Feisty and Fun Hybrid 3

Jack Russells are arguably the most intensely vivacious of the terrier clan. And they size up similarly to standard Dachshunds. So their offspring tend to be small sturdy athletic dynamos requiring intensely engaged owners able to match their zeal for life!

They excel at canine activities channeling all that drive like barn hunt and earthdog trials. But settle down happily for cuddle sessions…after their daily marathon, of course!

Dachshund Cairn Terrier Mix

Cairn terriers share the perseverant pluckiness of dachshunds. After all, they were originally bred to chase and corner badgers and otters from Highland Scotland burrows!

So their friendly, alert pups inherit determination combined with a charmingly clownish positive nature. Owners describe them as infinitely merry perpetual puppies keeping smiles wide.

These adaptable indoor adventure pals suit young professionals or dynamic empty nesters looking for loyal recreation partners always raring to go!

Rat Terrier Dachshund Mix

Breeding iniative rat terriers with smaller Dachshunds produces one of the more curious blends.

Rat terriers sport distinctly long legs supporting a lean rangy body in comparison to the Dachshund silhouette. So will puppies skew more low rider or tall rider? Anything goes!

These highly trainable hybrids brim with stick-to-it-iveness making them wonderful athletic or hunting companions should their musculature support such sports. Their affection and eagerness to partner endears them to many homes.

Now how about preparing to add one of these special mixed pups to your family?

Acquiring Your Dachshund Terrier Cross Puppy

When seeking a responsibly bred litter, patience pays off! Reputable breeders often have lengthy waitlists given puppy demand significantly outweighing supply.

Avoid supporting careless backyard breeders churning out crosses for maximum profit over health. Vet references rigorously and request proof of health testing before making a deposit.

Expect to spend $800-2000+ USD depending on rarity of the blend and breeder reputation. Seems steep but consider you’re investing in the next decade with your unique best friend!

You’ll also need several hundred dollars minimum tucked away for necessities like food, dishes, bedding crates, training treats, veterinary care, vaccinations and spay/neuter surgery. Properly outfitting your pup carries a cost as well.

While the upfront price makes some hesitant, committed dog lovers.

Preparing Your Home for a Dachshund Terrier Mix

Before bringing that adorable puppy home, make sure your environment sets them up for success. Puppy proof with special consideration for curious terrier tendency to test boundaries!

Safety Checks

  • Secure dangling wires, toxins and hobby supplies since no space goes unexplored by intrepid terriers
  • Block access behind appliances and heavy furnishings where inquisitive pups might get stuck
  • Ensure no yard gaps allow escape; unlike some breeds, an invisible fence offers insufficient confinement

Designated Pup Areas

  • Establish an exercise pen with crate, pads and toys for when you can’t supervise
  • Pick a space like the kitchen, bathroom or laundry room easy to sterilize during initial house training

Prepare Doggy Dining

  • Designate odor-sealed bins for dry kibble avoiding ants
  • Select a ceramic feeding station that won’t trap bacteria
  • Consider puzzle toys dispensing food as mental enrichment

Gather Must-Have Supplies

  • Quality limited ingredient dog food
  • Stain-hiding enzymatic cleaners for potty accidents
  • Variety of interactive chew toys since teething stage spans months
  • Brushes suiting the coat type your mix inherits

With thoughtful preparation, you’ll help your exciting new family addition settle in smoothly! Now how about starting off on the right foot with tips for care and training?

Caring For and Training Your Dachshund Terrier Mix

Strengthening your bond while imparting good manners tops every dog owner’s priority list! Here’s how to set your exceptional puppy up for success:

Dachshund Terrier
The Dachshund Terrier Mix: A Feisty and Fun Hybrid 4

Start Socialization Immediately

Frequently expose pups to novel sights, sounds, places and people starting the instant they join your family. Counteract reserved tendencies by showing the world feels safe versus scary. Prioritize politely greeting human diversity including ages, mobility aids and appearances. Reward calm self control amid distractions and surprises instead of reactive barking. Maintain structure and positive associations with handling plus medical care like nail trims. Socialization foundations built throughout the initial 16 week period save much trouble later!

** channel terrier tenacity into focusing that energy on appropriate outlets like food puzzles, tug toys and training games.

** Lean Into Positive Reinforcement**

Dachshunds notoriously choose selective hearing in favor of more intriguing temptations. And terriers default toward pushy stubbornness. Combine those traits and you have a formidable potential to ignore cues! Prevent blowouts by making listening incredibly rewarding. Structure all lessons around their currency – stinky premium treats, favorite toys and over the top praise. Pay handsomely for even slightest tries and they’ll happily hang on your every word. Intrinsic competition drives these working dogs to rack up “wins” by outsmarting the game. So make it advantageously fun!

Start Obedience Young

Independent streaks compound training challenges unless foundations establish you as benevolent leader. Instill that structure via foundational skills like loose leash walking, wait, leave it, name response, eye contact and impulse control around doors/gates. Proof those in various environments amid distractions. High food drive makes motivation easy if you “pay” for all behaviors desired. Nip pushy tendencies in the bud or else your home belongs to the dictator demanding dingos!

Prevent Separation Anxiety

Both parent group tendencies mean pups may panic when left solo too long. Desensitize early and often to short absences. Make comings and goings boring events by ignoring freakouts. Ensure intriguing enrichment items like puzzle toys get saved exclusively for your departures then put away again before return. Start intervals very short working up duration and random timing slowly so they learn flexibly adapting vs anticipating rigid absence lengths. Confident independence stems from building tolerance without trauma.

If all that sounds overwhelming, consult group puppy classes and private training sessions from professionals using force free positive methodology. Their guidance gets you started correctly.

While a big responsibility, raising a Dachshund and terrier mix pup ultimately proves profoundly rewarding for the right homes. Now how about we explore answers to some frequently asked questions?

Frequently Asked Questions About Dachshund Terrier Crosses

Questions abound for these unique designer dog blends! Let’s tackle some key curiosities prospective owners often have:

What is a Dachshund Rat Terrier mix called?

Since no established breed name exists yet, owners get creative with portmanteaus like Ratzshund or Datchrat.

What is a Dachshund and Jack Russell terrier mix called?

Some refer to them as Jackshunds! But no consistency exists in naming any Dachshund and terrier crossbreed yet.

Can you breed a full size Dachshund with a smaller Jack Russell terrier safely?

Yes absolutely – with proper support and precautions. Responsible breeders limit mating Joys only after both sire and dam pass vet screening and prenatal care helps minimize risks.

How do I pick the best terrier breed to mix with a Dachshund?

Consider lifestyle factors first before fixating on specific blends. For example – can you meet the intense exercise needs of a Jack Russell cross? Or grooming requirements of a Schnauzer Dachshund hybrid? Then research parent breed traits that suit your home.

Are Dachshunds actually terriers themselves?

Nope! Despite many shared traits like their feisty nature, keenness to hunt prey and affection for burrowing, Dachshunds belong to the hound group instead of terriers.

What other good breeds are there to mix with a Dachshund?

Popular options include Dachshund crosses with:

  • Corgi
  • Beagle
  • Chihuahua
  • Poodle
  • French Bulldog
  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Pug

The possibilities are endless!

Hopefully the thorough information above already has you dreaming up the perfect Dachshund terrier designer dog for your home! This unique hybrid promises to bring you endless joy if properly raised.

Thoughts on the Dachshund Terrier Mix

Welcoming one of these special mixed breed dogs into your heart and home brings tremendous delight – but also great responsibility. Their terrier smarts demand proper mental stimulation lest their liveliness turns destructive. And dachshund musculoskeletal delicacy means safeguarding them from harm.

However, for the right owner willing to accommodate their needs with training plus safe outlets to channel all that lively loyalty and intelligence, the Dachshund terrier mix offers boundless fun and love.

Here’s hoping this complete guide better equips you to find and raise the Dachshund and terrier crossbreed dog of your dreams! Let me know if you have any other questions on this popular petite powerhouse pup.

More In-Depth Care and Training Tips

Preparing for a Dachshund terrier mix puppy means going the extra mile to support their unique needs. Let’s explore more specialized care and training advice.

Character Traits of the Terrier Dachshund Mix

The tenaciousness of terriers fused with endearing devotion of Dachshunds makes for lively, quick-witted companions. But certain innate traits prove more challenging in pet settings.

Extremely High Prey Drive

Both hunting heritage lines predispose these pups to obsessively chase cats, squirrels and sometimes even cars or children! Prevent instinct hijacking logic in the moment by always securing them to leashes outside and supervising interactions.

Excess Vocalization

Some bark, howl or bay at the slightest odd sound thanks to alert dispositions. Others just love hearing their own voices! Reduce nuisance noise through behavioral modification rewarding quiet calm states rather than attention seeking vocal bids.

Assertive Territoriality

While protectively devoted, beware defensive aggression around food, toys or invading their perceived turf. Neutralize frictions through very gradual positive associations with perceived threats plus impulse control training.

Relentless Energy Reserves

These vivacious vigilant pups seem ever ready for adventure. Make sure their zeal gets constructive daily draining through hard exercise, training games and puzzle toys rather than destructive chewing or incessant barking from sheer boredom!

Yes, they need attentive guardians fully committed to channeling feisty dedication. But properly tended, the terrier Dachshund mix embodies doggy devotion.

3 Worst Traits of Terrier Dachshund Mix Puppies

Raising puppies often pushes owners to their limits – especially vivacious crosses like these! Be prepared for:

Landshark Teething Tyranny

Ouch, those needle teeth sting! But skipping bite inhibition training risks painful play habits long term. Consistent yipping “ouch!” signals plus redirection saves smarting.

Potty Training Pitfalls

Stubbornness meeting tiny bladders promises accidents. Persevere with positive reinforcement for triumphs plus liberal enzyme cleaner for oopsies. They’ll get it eventually!

Destruct-o-puppy Chaos

Unbridled terrier tenacity destroying your favorite shoes or sofa meets dramatic Dachshund separation anxiety. Protect belongings when away and redirect chewing drives with plenty safe toy options.

While trying phases indeed, remember their youthful foibles pass quicker through prevention and patience!

Key Training Traits of the Terrier and Dachshund Terriers Mix

Smart hybrid vigor gifts these eager pupils with ability exceeding most breeds. Leverage learning readiness by:

Motivating With High Value Rewards

Big payoffs like real meat, cheese or chasing balls inspires immediate attentiveness from distracted pups. Pay handsomely for focus then start gradually fading treats for behaviors on stimulus control.

Incorporating Brain Games

Exercise both body and mind with hide and seek, nosework, trick training and food puzzle toy challenges. A tired terrier tuckers out tornado energy draining destructive tendencies.

Practicing Impulse Control

Boost patience and self regulation by reinforcing desired choices like waiting politely at doors, leaving tempting objects alone until released or ignoring stimuli until given permission. Build drive then expect them to suppress reacting. Channel that persistence!

Smart crosses need owners committed to constantly challenging their capabilities while averting troublesome ingenuity. But for devoted guardians, the brilliant Dachshund terrier mix delights in defying low expectations of small dogs!

Final Thoughts on This Unique Family Pets

The Dachshund terrier designer dog blends favored traits from two vivaciously devoted breeds into one sturdy pint-sized package. They introduce delightful diversity to the pet world through their broad spectrum of appearances and make entertaining, affectionate companions.

However, novice doxie owners often find themselves unprepared for their intensely clever, high energy disposition without right lifestyle fit and training consistency.

Do your homework before falling for adorable puppies! And as always, adopt don’t shop whenever possible by checking local shelters and breed specific rescues for mixes needing homes before supporting purveyors of designer breeds.

But for the properly prepared home ready to channel feisty affection into positive outlets, adopting a Dachshund terrier crossbreed promises a profoundly loyal lively new best friend!

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