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Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix: Unveiling the Charm of Crossbred Companions

Playful Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix

What happens when you blend one of America’s most popular big breeds – the Pitbull – with the famously long and low Dachshund? You get a unique mixed dog with tons of personality packaged in a compact body – the Pitwee aka Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix!

This designer hybrid continues gaining traction thanks to their fun-loving and loyal temperaments. Are you considering adding one of these Pitbull Dachshund crosses to your clan?

This guide covers everything future Pitwee owners need to know, including:

  • The origin of Pitwee breed
  • Distinctive Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix characteristics
  • Temperament and behavior
  • Health considerations
  • Care, feeding and training tips
  • Finding reputable Pitwee breeders
  • Costs of Pitwee ownership

Let’s explore the appealing world of this bubbly blended breed – the Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix!

The History of the Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix

Like most crossbreed dogs, no historical documentation exists pinpointing the exact origin of deliberately mating Pitbulls with Dachshunds. Experts guess breeders first began intentionally experimenting with blending these two purebreds within just the past decade or two.

Designer hybrid dog breeds like the Pitwee grow trendy based on positive perceived traits of contributing lineages.

For example, Pitwee creators likely aimed to downsize standard Pitbull intensity to more manageable levels while adding amusing Dachshund dimensions.

The American Kennel Club first recognized the Pitbull way back in the 1930s. Much longer history exists for the Dachshund and Wiener dogs, tracing back over 600 years in Germany. They gained AKC inclusion in the early 1910s.

So while both parent breeds boast well-documented backgrounds, their mixed breed Pitwee pups just emerged recently on the radars of dog lovers seeking lower shedding petite protectors, combining the legendary personalities of bullies and badger hunters into one cute canine package!

Now let’s explore what occurs when these two unrelated purebreds intermix.

Pitwee Characteristics: Appearance, Size and More

Since the Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix comes from distinctly different parents, their puppies showcase quite the physical diversity both across and within litters. Let’s examine what potential traits they inherit from each breeding line:

From Pitbull Parent

  • Stocky muscular body structure
  • Large, broad head, square jaw
  • Frequently cropped ears
  • Short, smooth coat

longer, stout legs

From Dachshund Parent

  • Extended body length and contrasting stubby legs
  • Variety of ear shapes and types
  • Deep chest with longer abdomen
  • There are three possible coat types – smooth, longhair, wirehair

Blending these physical characteristics from the bully and badger hunting breeds makes for some truly funny shaped pooches! While coat colors vary wildly, the hybrid dogs generally weigh between 30-55 pounds when full grown.

Appearance-wise, most flaunt long and low bodies per Doxie influence, just with Pitbull facial features and occasionally ears or coloring. Some appear like beagle-bodied Pitties!

Veterinarians consider these designer doggies full grown around 12-14 months old. Let’s learn more about their expected personality next!

Adorable Mixed Breed - Pitbull Weiner Dog
Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix: Unveiling the Charm of Crossbred Companions 1

Pitwee Personality and Temperament

What happens when you crossbreed two infamously tenacious breeds together? You end up with a loyal, plucky mixed pup blessed with confidence!

Pitbull Weiner Dog Mixes tend to be:

  • Affectionate and people-pleasing
  • Playful and energetic
  • Adventurous and curious
  • Brave and lively
  • Eager to please their families

Like Pitbulls, they forge intensely devoted bonds with their chosen person. And the Dachshund influence gifts them fearless big attitudes despite small packages!

These loyal and spunky hybrids fit best with experienced dog owners able to properly socialize them both with humans and other pets early on. With their protection drive stemming from Pitbull DNA, good manners minimize friction.

Properly raised Pitwees thrive on lots of playtimes mixed with snuggles with their special humans. They shower affection upon their lucky families while alerting them to anything suspicious invading their domain!

Speaking of instinctive guarding tendencies, how do these traits mingle within hybrid pups?

Guarding and Aggression in Pitwees

Let’s acknowledge it straight away – crossing two historically fighting breeds means some guarding genes get passed down.

Pitbulls infamously boast brawn and bite power coupled with unwavering gameness. And feisty Dachshunds fearlessly protect homes despite comical size differences.

These traits served both hunting and fighting needs once upon a time. But in modern homes, their guarding grit requires wisdom channeling instead of suppressing.

Thankfully when supplied proper outlets, supervision and training, most Pitwees thrive as even-tempered crossbreed dogs. Strong guidance beginning as young impressionable puppies remains paramount though.

If you want a Pitwee free from aggression, choose ethical breeders carefully selecting breeding dogs with temperaments unsuitable for fighting.

Additionally, commitment to lifelong mindfulness and positive reinforcement training helps prevent reactive tendencies emerging in adolescent dogs.

No dog gets labeled “mean” without humans dismissing psychological needs first. Put in the work and Pitbull Dachshund hybrid dogs reward your diligence by fitting right into gentle multi-pet households and neighborhoods.

How Smart is the Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix?

While the American Pitbull Terrier scores only average marks ranking mid-pack for intelligence among dog breeds, the Dachshund, conversely lands among the top 10 brightest breeds based on animal behaviorist testing and rankings.

So while Pitwees need plenty of training given their brawny protective lineage and challenging focus, that tenacious Dachshund cleverness for problem solving gifts them admirable aptitude for picking up new lessons quickly – when sufficiently motivated!

These loyal pups wish to please beloved owners. But independent thinking means they occasionally feign conveniently “forgetting” cues that seem unrewarding or boring.

Consistency plus positive reinforcement keeps teaching fun and engaging for these bright hybrids. Their legacy implies biddability, belying sturdy statues—thus sayeth science!

Now how about those funny proportions? – do mixed-breed twists cause health issues?

Energetic Pitbull Weiner Mix
Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix: Unveiling the Charm of Crossbred Companions 2

Pitwee Health Issues and Considerations

Crossbreeding helps minimize the risk for some inherited illnesses plaguing selectively overbred pedigree populations. But certain purebred vulnerabilities may still pass down in mixed dog lines like Pitbull Dachshund hybrids.

From Pitbull Side

  • Joint dysplasia (hip and elbow)
  • Skin allergies and pattern baldness
  • Heart disease – enlarged heart, murmurs
  • Eye issues – cataracts, glaucoma, Cherry eye

From Dachshund Side

  • Intervertebral disc disease: back issues
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Collapsing trachea – windpipe problems
  • Urinary stones

Of course infusing varied genetics lowers prevalence of some breed-specific conditions through good old hybrid vigor. Responsible breeders perform comprehensive health screening on Pitbull and Dachshund parents to minimize risks before breeding mixes like Pitwees.

Still, proper prevention and veterinary care helps avoid problems down the line. Focus especially on supporting musculoskeletal structure. Now how about some pointers on care?

Caring for Your Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix

While they require low maintenance for grooming, these active hybrids need abundant outlets and attention from their people. Daily exercise and mental stimulation keeps them fulfilled while preventing boredom based trouble!

Exercise Requirements

Plan on providing Pitwees with 30-60+ minutes of vigorous activity time daily. Take them on lengthy walks, jogs or romps at the park allowing them to sprint and play. These athletic hybrids love performing tricks and playing fetch too.

Canine sports like agility training, barn hunts and obedience trials perfectly cater to their muscular athleticism blended with Dachshund hunting drive and focus.

If left home alone for lengthy workdays, consider doggy daycares letting them socialize and play while preventing stress and destruction borne of isolation and boredom.

Grooming Needs

Depending on which Dachshund coat type their fur takes after, grooming may involve:

For smooth coats – Weekly wiping down with damp towel removes dirt, dander, and shed hair easily keeping shedding minimized with minimal tools needed. Bathe only occasionally.

For long or wired coats – Daily brushing with an appropriate slicker brush distributes skin oils to protect fur and skin underneath. Pay attention to gently detangling featherings behind ears and legs which collect debris. Use correct wire brush for wiry coats to shape protective coat properly. Trim longer fur every 4-8 weeks. Clean ears and trim nails regularly as well.

For all coats – Carefully monitor skin health and use hypoallergenic shampoos if prone to allergies or reactions. Keep folds clean. The Pitbull influence makes this a greater possibility in Pitwee pups.

Easy maintenance mixed breeds mean more playtime together! Now who’s up for training tips?

Training Your Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix

Smart, exuberant Pitwee pups thirst for active engagement including plenty mental stimulation and trick training in addition to physical activity.

Begin socialization young introducing them to sights, sounds, places, people, other pets and experiences they’ll encounter in family life. Prioritize polite greetings. Handle paws frequently too and closely supervise young child interactions.

Enroll in obedience classes cementing that early socialization focusing attention and impulse control. Use tons of patient positive reinforcement. While quick studies, they selectively “forget” when uninterested! Motivate them by discovering rewarding currencies through play, praise or treats.

Emphasize confidence building as pups since fearful, reactive tendencies occasionally surface when maturing. Prevent problems sidelining overly protective tendencies before adolescence.

Use puzzles, trick training, hide and seek games to feed minds and prevent destructive boredom. Food motivation makes training easier plus prevents obesity. Consider interactive toys rewarding effort.

While delightful loyal companions for the right homes nurturing their needs, Pitwees don’t suit every owner. Let’s summarize ideal environments.

pitbull weiner dog mix 4 jpg
Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix: Unveiling the Charm of Crossbred Companions 3

Best Homes for Pitbull Weiner Dog Mixes

Given their activity requirements, tendency toward wariness of strangers and chewing plus digging penchants stemming from boredom, Pitwees thrive best with:

Sporty singles/couples/retirees providing outlet for considerable energy reserves through walks, runs, road trips and play. Families embracing an athletic training partner eager tackling new adventures together!

People often home so pups avoid isolation triggering anxiety. Destruction and barking issues may develop if left alone frequently. Retired owners or those working remotely make best companions. Pitwees cling loyally.

Dog experienced homes with realistic expectations on proper socialization, impulse control training and exercise needs. These pups charm but challenge novice dog parents. Better matched with seasoned adopters.

Lure coursing or agility sport competitors capable handling their muscular athleticism mixed with mental stamina for training lengthy routines. Both lineages suggest trainability!

Homes prepared to nurture these special hybrid pups find the investment repaid exponentially in delightful loyalty and vivacious fun.

Let’s switch gears to feeding tips for keeping that energy firing!

Feeding Your Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix

As athletic blends of two active breeds, Pitwees need quality nutrition fueling their escapades. Feed a high protein commercial kibble formulated specifically for Pitbull or other bull breed mixes.

Puppies – Feed 3-4 meals daily. Around 6 months old, switch to adult food split into 2-3 meals daily.

Adults – Feed twice a day. Pawprint percentages on dog food bags guide amounts based on target weight. Pitwees average between 35 to 55 pounds fully grown.

Monitor weight closely in adulthood since obesity plagues many breeds. Limit treats and always consult your veterinarian with questions on ideal nutrition customized to your dog’s needs.

Now how about procuring one of these special designer dog blends?

Acquiring a Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix Puppy

Finding a quality conscientious breeder producing Pitbull Dachshund hybrid pups requires patience researching options. Expect extended waitlists at reputable small operations given demand outpacing limited supply.

Avoid supporting careless high volume breeders churning out designer dogs without proper vetting. Seek those emphasizing health and temperament over profits.

Expect to invest $800 to $2500+ for a Pitwee pup. Seems pricey, but reflects extensive veterinary care and socialization conscientious breeders provide their puppies initially.

Save and prepare several hundred additional dollars upfront for supplies like crates, bowls, collar and leash. Also factor in spay/neuter surgery and microchip ID costs down the line.

While steep initial financial output, welcome it as an investment in your family’s happiness with this special lifelong furry friend!

Let’s explore some common questions about acquiring Pitwees next.

Frequently Asked Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix Questions

What do you call a Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix?

Portmanteau names like Pitwee or Weelbull combine the two distinct parent breed names. But no consistency exists yet in officially naming this newer designer hybrid.

Where can I find a Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix puppy?

Check breed specific rescues or shelters first if open to adoption. Otherwise reputable breeders on sites like AKC Marketplace or through breed shows offer young pups from documented parent lines.

How much does a Pitbull Weiner Dog Mix puppy cost?

From quality ethical breeders performing health and temperament testing, investment runs $800 to $2500+ per Pitwee puppy.

What is the best breed to mix with a Pitbull?

Experts recommend avoiding crossing Pitbulls with inherently aggressive breeds. Friendly companion breeds with outgoing temperaments like Labrador Retriever make better pairings for nice family pets.

What problems do Pitbull Weiner Dog Mixes have?

Monitor for back issues, patellar luxation, skin allergies, eye disease and cardiac abnormalities thanks to conditions affecting their purebred parents. Reputable breeders screen breeding dogs.

For additional questions on finding, caring for or training this unique hybrid canine, don’t hesitate reaching out!

The Pitbull Dachshund designer dog blends beloved traits from two popular breeds into one sturdy, lively package. They introduce delightful diversity to the pet world through broad spectra of appearances and make engaging pets.

However, first time dog owners often find themselves quickly overwhelmed by their intensely cleaver, high energy disposition without proper lifestyle fit, patience and training consistency.

Research thoroughly before falling for adorable Pitwee puppies! And always adopt don’t shop whenever possible by checking local shelters and breed specific rescues first for mixes needing homes.

But for the properly prepared home able to channel their lively loyalty and high Pitwee potential into positive outlets, adopting one of these special Pitbull Dachshund hybrid pups means welcoming a wonderfully devoted new best friend into the family!

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