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Hipster Fashion: How to Master the Hipster Look for Men and Women

Hipster Fashion

The hipster aesthetic never seems to go out of style. This guide will give you all the tips to nail hipster fashion for both men and women. We’ll demystify exactly what hipster style is along with its origins. You’ll learn how to put together hip outfits by layering key garments, footwear and accessories.

This extensive post also covers unique variations of hipster style like lumbersexual, novosexual, eclectic hipster, hippie hipster and more. Whether you’re hoping to Channel your inner urban lumberjack or want effortlessly artsy flair, use the hipster outfit formulas and styling tricks ahead to embrace your cool and quirky side. Let’s dive in!

What is Hipster Fashion and Style?

Hipster fashion centers around looking edgy yet effortlessly cool through calculated messy styles with vintage vibes. Key hipster look elements include:

  • Mixing thrifted and vintage clothing items
  • Wearing oversized or baggy pieces
  • Incorporating flannel, beanies, combat boots
  • Sporting thick-rimmed glasses and messy hairstyles
  • Going for an androgynous or gender-bending aesthetic
  • Using natural fabrics like wool, cotton, denim and leather
  • Adding decorative touches like pins and bandanas

Now let’s explore how hipster fashion originated and evolved over time.

The Origins and History of Hipster Style

Hipster fashion has its roots in the 1940s jazz scene and beatnik subculture. But the contemporary hipster aesthetic emerged in the 1990s through 2000s. Specific musical and cultural movements that influenced today’s hipster style include:

  • 1990s grunge fashion brought flannel, ripped denim, knitted beanies and combat boots into the hipster wardrobe.
  • 2000s indie rock bands like The Strokes embodied laidback hipster cool with leather jackets, skinny jeans and Chuck Taylors.
  • Artisan craft movements that encouraged knitting, brewing kombucha at home, and buying locally sourced goods aligned with hipster values.
  • Environmentalism and veganism led to increased use of natural fabrics and animal-friendly materials.
  • LGBTQ+ trends toward androgynous looks and expressing one’s unique identity matched the hipster ethos.

Today’s hipsters may be accused of appropriating styles, but hipster fashion is generally about celebrating quirkiness, freedom of expression and nostalgic individual flair.

Different Types of Hipster Style

While hipster fashion has common threads, there are unique variations that express different attitudes:


This rugged, almost Paul Bunyan-esque hipster features lots of flannel, beards, work boots and outdoor apparel with a rugged masculine edge.

Eclectic Hipster

Goes boldly offbeat mixing loud colors, patterns, textures and cultural motifs like Southwestern prints with goth accessories. Anything goes!

Artsy Hipster

Exudes the vibe of a struggling artist with muted tones, paint-splattered clothing, berets and turtlenecks. Carries a vintage camera.

Hippie Hipster

Flowing natural fabrics like organic cotton and linen paired with accessories like circle scarves, sandals, fringe bags and bodysuits capture a modern earthy hippie.

Novosexual Hipster

Androgynous and gender fluid hipster style with skinny jeans, chunky shoes, retro sweaters and short hair.

Now let’s break down quintessential hipster pieces to create your own looks.

Hipster Fashion Men
Hipster Fashion: How to Master the Hipster Look for Men and Women 1

Hipster Clothing and Garments

Here are the foundational garments and staple pieces that make up great hipster outfits:

Hipster Tops

  • Flannel button-downs – usually oversized or thrifted
  • Knitted sweaters – colorful or eclectic patterns
  • Band tees – especially vintage concert tees
  • Cropped sweaters – chunky knits or cardigans
  • ** Striped long sleeve shirts** – nautical or Breton stripe
  • Oversized graphic tees – with kitschy images or phrases

Hipster Bottoms

  • Skinny jeans – black, gray, distressed denim
  • High waisted shorts – cuffed denim or corduroy
  • Leggings – with interesting prints and patterns
  • Harem pants – billowy cropped pants
  • Overalls – vintage washed denim or corduroy
  • Leather pants – especially in mustard yellow

Hipster Outerwear

  • Leather jackets – motorcycle, bomber, or vintage styles
  • Military jackets – army green or camo print
  • Oversized cardigans – draping below the hips
  • Vintage kimonos or robes – for eclectic layering
  • Fur coats – real or faux fur

Hipster Shoes and Accessories

Finish off hipster outfits with key footwear and accessories:

  • Combat boots – lace-up or Doc Marten styles
  • Brogues – wingtip Oxfords for hipster men
  • Low top sneakers – especially Vans or Converse
  • Chelsea boots – sleek slip-on boots
  • Platform shoes – chunky sneakers or sandals
  • Fedoras – felt wide-brimmed hats
  • Knit beanies – cuffed tightly
  • Thick framed glasses – cat eye, Ray Ban or wayfarer
  • Bolo ties – worn ironically
  • Bow ties – quirky fabric patterns
  • Suspenders – patterned or rainbow
  • Scarves – infinity scarf or circle scarf
  • Pins – enamel, political, kitschy
  • Hobo bags – vintage canvas and leather

Now let’s use these building blocks to create hipster outfits.

Hipster Outfit Combinations and Formulas

Use these hipster look formulas as guides for dressing hipster day to night:

Daytime Hipster Outfits

Lumbersexual Hipster:

  • Flannel button-down
  • Knit beanie
  • Rugged boots
  • Denim

Feminine Hipster:

  • Vintage floral dress
  • Ankle boots
  • Knitted cardigan
  • Mini backpack

Androgynous Hipster:

  • Oversized button-down
  • Black skinnies
  • Chelsea boots
  • Necktie as accessory

Artsy Hipster:

  • Turtleneck bodysuit
  • Paint splattered overalls
  • Brogues
  • Beret

Eclectic Hipster:

  • Embroidered kimono
  • Geometric leggings
  • Platform sandals
  • Circle scarf

Nighttime Hipster Outfits

Mens Hipster:

  • Band tee
  • Black skinnies
  • Leather jacket
  • Combat boots

Womens Hipster:

  • Sequin romper
  • Fringe kimono
  • Tall boots
  • Hair scarf

Androgynous Hipster:

  • Striped button-down
  • Yellow skinnies
  • Chelsea boots
  • Fedora

Vintage Hipster:

  • 60s shift dress
  • Go-go boots
  • Fake fur coat
  • Headchain

LGBTQ Hipster:

  • Cropped sweater
  • High waisted shorts
  • Tights
  • Bolo tie

Have fun mixing pieces from across the gender spectrum for maximum hipster harmony. Now for some final tips on really mastering the aesthetic.

Pulling Off Hipster Fashion
Hipster Fashion: How to Master the Hipster Look for Men and Women 2

Tips for Pulling Off Hipster Fashion

Take your hipster outfit to the next level with these styling tricks:

  • Mix high and low – pair luxury pieces with thrift store finds
  • Refine messy hair – avoid looking unkempt with products for sheen and hold
  • Keep accessories minimal – let the clothing stand out
  • Go monochrome – black on black looks slick and brooding
  • Cuff and crop everything – pants, tops, cardigans and more
  • DIY and customize pieces – embroider band logos, sew on patches, distress denim
  • Layer thoughtfully – build intriguing texture and silhouette combos
  • Invest in classic vintage – some retro pieces never go out of style

Embrace your inner hipster by defying mainstream style rules and expectations. Now you have all the knowledge to geek out on creating hipster looks with quirky retro flair. Go get weird! And while you’re at it, consider these 20 Gorgeous Black Summer Dress Ideas!

Hipster Fashion FAQs

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about achieving hipster style:

What colors work well for hipster fashion?

Stick to neutrals like black, white, gray as well as earth tones and vegetable dyed colors. Olive green, mustard yellow, and shades of red and purple work too. Muted over bright!

Where can I shop for hipster clothing on a budget?

Thrift and vintage shops are best for finding one-of-a-kind retro pieces. Also browse sale sections of fast fashion and department stores which stock items in hipster styles.

What fabrics are associated with hipster style?

Natural fibers like cotton, wool, denim and leather align with the hipster ethos. Look for retro fabrics like corduroy, canvas and flannel too.

What is the hipster style philosophy?

Hipster fashion celebrates freedom of expression, quirkiness and nostalgia. It rebels against mainstream trends by taking influences from obscure subcultures.

Can anyone pull off hipster fashion?

Absolutely! Hipster style is all about embracing your own unique flavor. Adapt the look to flatter your tastes, body type and personality. Make it weird!

Show the world your cool rebellious side by crafting your own hipster look. Mix, layer and customize your way to quirky retro glory. Stay free, stay foolish…and stay hipster!

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