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European Men’s Fashion: How I Gave My Boyfriend a Complete Style Makeover

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When my boyfriend and I started planning our multi-city Eurotrip, I panicked thinking about how obnoxiously American we’d look as tourists traipsing through historic European cities and how do he will adapt in European mens fashion.

From his blinding white sneakers to his go-to graphic tees, his wardrobe screamed tourist. If we wanted to explore Europe feeling like savvy insiders instead of stick-out tourists, a style overhaul was mandatory.

So I put together a comprehensive style guide to transform my boyfriend from baseball cap-wearing American to a stylish European gentleman. And guess what? By the end of our 2 month trip, he could have passed for a Parisian or Venetian thanks to my tips!

Here’s exactly how I gave my boyfriend a head-to-toe makeover so we could blend in seamlessly during our adventures abroad.

Ditching Sneakers for Sophisticated Leather Shoes

My boyfriend practically lives in sneakers when home in the US. But those pristine high tops and chunky running shoes would instantly out him as a tourist in Europe.

So I gently encouraged him to pick up some fashionable leather shoes like Oxfords, loafers, chukkas, and Chelsea boots instead. Shoes make the outfit, so quality leather footwear was step one for looking Euro chic.


At first, my boyfriend protested having to break in “fancy” new shoes before our trip. But as soon as he slipped on those brown leather Oxfords, it was magic. He went from casual American dude to French fashionisto. I couldn’t stop staring at his stylishly shod feet!

Now he swears by his tan leather chukkas for strolling historic city centers and traipsing through museums. He still packs his minimal white Converse to wear for active exploits. But his leather shoes are essential for looking like a cultured European.

Pro tip for guys: Bring a small bottle of shoe polish along and buff your shoes every few days to keep up appearances. Scuffed shoes scream tourist! But polished leather footwear ensures you’ll blend right in.

Trading His Beloved Baseball Caps for Dapper Hats

This was potentially the toughest tourist item for my boyfriend to relinquish. He lives in baseball caps, rocking everything from sports teams to his alma mater and local breweries. But of course, baseball caps instantly say American tourist!

I’ll admit, it stung telling my boyfriend his extensive cap collection had to stay back home. But once he discovered the magic of newsboy caps, wool fedoras, and trilby hats, he forgot all about his beloved ball caps!

Dapper Hats

Now a handsome panama hat or tweed flat cap tops off his looks with a touch of sophistication as we explore new destinations. He loves that fine hats add flair while protecting him from the sun – wins all around.

Occasionally, I do allow him to wear a plain black baseball hat when we’re hiking or doing something really active outdoors. But for exploring city centers, museums, restaurants, and the like, only refined hats make the cut to help him channel that European vibe.

Hats aren’t worn constantly by European gents the way ball caps are by Americans. So my boyfriend is learning to embrace going hatless more often as well. But when the occasion calls for it, he reaches for wool fedoras, quality driving caps, and timeless hat styles to blend right in.

Replacing Techy and Technical Travel Clothes with Tailored Staples

Since we met in college, my boyfriend has been building up a go-to travel wardrobe of items like moisture-wicking shirts, zip-off cargo pants, bulky fishing vests, quick-dry socks, and crinkly technical fabrics.

While those activewear pieces work great for camping, hunting, and backcountry adventures, they stick out like a sore thumb wandering around European cities, museums, and sidewalk cafes.


I had to have an honest chat explaining that his beloved tech clothing shouted American tourist and needed a chic upgrade. So I helped him swap in natural fabrics like breathable cotton, linen, merino wool, and silk paired with timeless silhouettes.

Now his new European wardrobe consists of tailored chinos, dark-wash denim, merino crew necks, button-down cotton Oxfords, unstructured blazers, and fitted polos in solids and minimal patterns. He looks so polished yet comfortable exploring historic sites and sitting in outdoor restaurants!

Occasionally on trips, we still break out the technical wear for all-day hikes through the Alps or biking trips through Provence’s countryside. But for everyday city wear, my boyfriend now avoids athletic or over-designed travel clothes in favor of refined staples that help him effortlessly blend in.

Pro tip for guys: Check out brands like COS and Oliver Spencer for clothing that balances timeless design with travel-friendly functionality. Their pieces effortlessly walk the line between tourist attire and high fashion.

Replacing His Graphic Tees with Tailored Polos and Button-Downs

My boyfriend lives in graphic and band tees when relaxing at home, proudly displaying his college logo or favorite YouTubers for all to see. But unfortunately, those bold printed tees would immediately label him an American tourist in Europe.

So I suggested swapping his geeky gamer shirts and promotional band tees for some crisp button-down Oxfords, fitted polos, timeless sweaters, and simple merino layers instead.


At first he griped that button-downs were too uptight and not his style. But once he experienced how chic European men style them with rolled sleeves and slim trousers, he understood their dashing appeal.

Now my boyfriend confidently dons tailored shirts and knits paired with relaxed blazers as we wander historic cities abroad. Ditching the graphic tees helps him look classy when touring top sites and museums.

And he still breaks out his beloved tee collection on lazy weekends or travel days when comfort trumps style. But for immersing ourselves in chic European destinations, his upgraded wardrobe lends an air of sophistication that every stylish tourist should strive for.

Pro tip for guys: Pack a mix of solids, minimal patterns like gingham and micro-plaid, stripes, and simple texture mixes. These provide visual interest without screaming “American tourist” like graphic tees do.

Yet Again, Losing the Baseball Caps

Sorry, but I have to shout this from the rooftops: my boyfriend CANNOT wear baseball caps while vacationing in Europe! They scream tourist louder than ordering a cappuccino after 11am in Italy.

Even though it pained me to ban his extensive cap collection for our trip, he now understands why it’s crucial. Baseball caps simply aren’t part of European style and mark you as an American immediately.

Instead, he’s embraced dashing wool fedoras, tweed flat caps, and other timeless hat styles for our travels. I even surprise him now and then with a jaunty beret from Paris or floppy sun hat from Portugal as fun souvenirs.

Hats aren’t worn constantly by European men, so he’s learning to mix up bare-headed days with occasional hat flair. But when he does rock a hat abroad, it’s always steering clear of baseball caps for a refined style that helps him blend right in.

I know giving up his beloved ball caps was tough. But now my boyfriend sees their tourist reputation clearly. For assimilating into Europe’s chic street style scene, it’s panama hats, wide-brim felt fedoras, and ivy caps only!

Carrying a Satchel or Briefcase Rather Than a Backpack

As an avid backpacker, my boyfriend has an array of trusty bags like framed trekking packs, travel backpacks, and hiking daypacks. And while useful for outdoor adventures, these casual bags scream tourist.

For city strolling and sightseeing around Europe, I encouraged him to try some slick new carryall options like leather satchels, streamlined canvas shoulder bags, and structured briefcases.

He was skeptical at first about looking “too fancy.” But now he loves how polished and put-together he looks strolling historic sites with his waxed canvas satchel or fine leather briefcase.

During our trip, he swaps in sleek shoulder bags and briefcases for exploring European capitals and saving the backpacks only for when we take off on outdoor excursions between cities. It’s a styling strategy that immediately helps him look insouciantly European.


Pro tip for guys: Seek out leather bags in earth tones like chocolate, tan, olive, and cognac rather than basic black. And make sure the silhouette works with your frame. Go for slimmer satchels and cases if you’re slim and more structured shapes if you’re brawny.

Finally Going Sockless with Loafers and Boat Shoes!

This seemingly simple styling tweak took some serious intervention on my part. But I finally convinced my boyfriend to embrace the art of stylish socklessness when sporting loafers, driving shoes, boat shoes, and espadrilles abroad.

Previously, he’d always wear socks with his slip-on shoes, even in sweltering weather. But after my insistent coaxing, he now confidently goes bare-ankled like a true European!

At first he felt practically naked and insecure flashing that expanse of ankle. But after seeing how quintessentially European men go sockless in summer, he got on board. Now it feels totally natural – he just had to get over the psychological hump.

Loafers and Boat Shoes

He still packs some neutral no-show socks for chillier spring and fall trips. But for summer vacations, it’s exposed ankles all the way! This seemingly simple adjustment makes his boat shoes and loafers look instantly dressed up.

I never realized what a difference going sockless could make in elevating his whole look. But now even my boyfriend recognizes how quintessentially continental his newly bared ankles appear!

Final Thoughts on European Mens Fashion

Giving my boyfriend a head-to-toe style makeover took some work initially. But now he sees how the payoff lets us immerse ourselves in European destinations without announcing ourselves as tourists everywhere we go.

By losing the sneakers, graphic tees, techy travel clothes, baseball caps, and backpacks in favor of leather shoes, button-down shirts, tailored separates, refined hats, and sleek bags, I helped him blend in stylishly abroad.

Sure, the process took compromising certain wardrobe staples and pushing beyond his fashion comfort zone. Now my boyfriend has the foundations to continue curating his style into even more of a chic European wardrobe.

Guys, take it from me – upgrade your look before heading to Europe! Ditch the bulky sneakers, loud graphics, over-designed tech clothes, and baseball caps in favor of timeless, tailored pieces and accessories. Trust me, you’ll go from American tourist to Euro sophisticate in no time.

With some thoughtful additions and subtractions, you really can master artful blending no matter where your overseas travels take you. No more sticking out like a sore thumb when we travel – now it’s fitting in in style!

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