Home Fashion Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costumes: Channeling Big Texan Glam and Sass

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costumes: Channeling Big Texan Glam and Sass

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costumes

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are one of professional sports’ most iconic spirit squads. Their signature blue and white uniform coupled with over-the-top glam style has made them globally famous.

Play up the Lone Star State’s bold flair this Halloween by transforming into a Cowboys cheerleader. With the right outfit and attitude, you’ll exude confidence, sass and good old Texan pride. Keep reading for costume ideas, makeup tips and FAQs about achieving an authentic DCC look.

The Legendary Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – How the Squad Became Famous

The Dallas Cowboys debuted their cheer squad in 1960, just a few years after forming as an NFL expansion team. But they remained relatively unknown until revamping the look and style of cheerleaders in the 1970s.

Seeing rising success and popularity of the Cowboys football team, shrewd team president and general manager Tex Schramm decided cheerleaders needed a serious upgrade to match. He recruited choreographer Texie Waterman to revolutionize auditions and completely reimagine the uniforms and dance style.

Waterman looked beyond typical cheer routines, finding inspiration in the world of Broadway, jazz, ballet and other dance. The 1977 squad strutted out wearing barely-there shorts with long fringe, cropped tops, cowboy boots and sky-high hair. Their dance moves involved plenty of shimmies, high kicks and suggestive gestures in time to honky tonk hits.

Fans went wild for this overtly sexy reinvention of cheerleaders. Suddenly the Dallas Cowboys squad landed features in Vogue Magazine, Bob Hope holiday specials, multiple TV variety show performances, USO Tours entertaining troops across the world, and their own primetime specials.

Just like the team itself, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders became a booming franchise unto themselves, generating loads of revenue through public appearances. Their signature style, dance moves, posters and calendars remain iconic pop culture symbols of all things Texan.

Now over 40 years later, that trademark look and spirit endures. Interest recently resurged thanks to CMT’s hit reality show Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. As audiences follow the intense audition process, they fall in love with the glitz all over again!

In this post, we’ll break down that dazzling style and swagger so you can recreate the magic for Halloween or themed parties. Saddle up for some serious glam inspo!

How to Create an Authentic Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costume

Transform into an iconic DCC this season with these style tips:

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costumes: Channeling Big Texan Glam and Sass 1

Credit: gettyimages

The Uniform

The most recognizable element of the look remains the quintessential uniform featuring:

  • Fitted white sleeveless crop top with a deep V-neckline
  • Fringed booty shorts in white trimmed with blue accents
  • White vest decorated with blue stars, fringe and crisscross accent straps
  • White western boots – the taller the better!
  • Crisp white ankle or knee-high socks
  • Signature white cowboy hat complete with silver and blue embellishments

Dancewear retailers offer preppy crop tops, tap shorts and cowboy boots perfect for emulating cheer uniforms. Add strips of fringe trim in team colors and some star appliques to blank vests. Top it off with a spectacular oversized cowboy hat bedecked in metallic ribbons.


Channel the DCC glam beauty vibe with these techniques:

  • Start with a poreless, shine-free complexion – prep skin impeccably!
  • Use a full coverage foundation and concealer to hide any imperfections or blemishes
  • Warm golden bronzer lightly contours cheeks and jawline for dimension
  • Sweep soft brown smokey eyeshadow across lids and apply winged eyeliner and 2-3 coats of mascara
  • Fill and define eyebrows into a perfect arch framing the eyes
  • Dust a luminous highlighter onto cheekbones, the tip of nose and cupid’s bow
  • Finish with a punchy bright red lipstick or a more neutral glam “nude” lip

The hair and makeup encapsulate youthful sex appeal. Warm eyeshadows, breezy bronzer, fluttery lashes and glowing skin embody cheerleader chic.


What’s a DCC without big Texas-sized hair? Go for maximum volume and movement with one of these looks:

  • Voluminous side ponytail whipped up impossibly high
  • Perky half up bouffant pony puff looking like a Barbie doll come to life
  • Honey blonde ringlet curls teased and hairsprayed within an inch of their life
  • Slicked back low bun or neatly braided crown to fit under your cowboy hat

However you style your hair, keep it larger than life. Tease it, curl it, bump it – anything for height and body. Break out those hot rollers and firm hold hairspray!

Now that your costume, makeup and hair replicate the real deal, accessorize to finish that dazzling DCC style.


  • Showstopping statement earrings – go big or go home!
  • Stacked bangle bracelets that jingle-jangle when shaking poms
  • Rhinestone choker necklaces catching the stadium lights
  • Custom cowboy boot spur straps that tap out your steps

The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders mantra seems to be “more is more.” The more sparkle and glam from head to toe, the better!

Once your total look comes together, it’s time to finesse the Lone Star attitude.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costumes: Channeling Big Texan Glam and Sass 2

Credit: gettyimages

How to Get Into Character

You might have the costume down pat, but to fully personify a DCC, you need pep, poise and that signature swagger. Step into character by:

  • Standing with hips cocked to the side, shoulders back, leg popped gracefully
  • Raising poms up high with pointed toes and fingers splayed
  • Tilting your chin at a slight upward angle, lips just parted
  • Peering up from beneath batting lashes

That special DCC star quality balances eye-catching sensuality with athleticism and charm. When you don the uniform, embrace their mannerisms wholeheartedly to complete the transformation.

Now that you’re a pro at recreating the quintessential DCC style, have fun dreaming up unique costume concepts.

Creative Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders
Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Costumes: Channeling Big Texan Glam and Sass 3

15 Creative Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader Costume Ideas

  1. Retro ’70s Disco DCC – Channel the squad’s debut era in a slinky bedazzled bodysuit, bold eye look, towering platforms and giant hoops.
  2. Tex-Mex Fiesta DCC – Give your uniform Southwestern flair with a serape fringe vest, floral embroidery, maracas and a black wide-brimmed hat instead of cowboy one.
  3. Rodeo Barrel Racer DCC – Trade boots for cowboy sneakers and top your uniform with a denim shirt knotted casually at the waist. Tote along a mini lasso!
  4. Santa’s Sassy Helper DCC – Festive flair comes from subbing traditional trim for fluffy winter white faux fur plus candy cane striped stockings and elf shoes. Don a Santa hat for extra holiday spirit!
  5. Saloon Songstress DCC – Frilly petticoats, a corset, garter belt and wild west can-can hat put a sultry spin.
  6. Rhinestone Cowgirl Singer DCC – Channel famous musical alumni like Kellie Pickler or Kacey Musgraves with an acoustic guitar, cowboy boots and western fringe outfit touched with rhinestones.
  7. Patriotic American DCC – Cover your uniform in red, white and blue sequins, stars and stripes. Top with a sparkly American flag cowboy hat and American flag cowboy boots.
  8. Go Texan Day Rodeo DCC – The iconic Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo opener look means all denim everything – jeans, shirts, jackets – plus custom boot spurs and a giant state flag star applique.
  9. Welcome to Big D DCC – Say howdy Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport style in their famous rainbow suspenders with matching newsboy cap and tap shoes. Carry a sign that reads “Welcome to Dallas Y’all!”
  10. Dallas Mavericks Dancer DCC – Show spirit for Big D’s NBA team with trademark blue added to your uniform plus a basketball vest instead of the usual fringe one.
  11. Neon Nights DCC – Modernize with bike shorts instead of booty shorts in neon colors like hot pink, green and yellow. Accessorize with matching neon fringe, poms and lace gloves.
  12. Sweetheart DCC – For Valentine’s Day, transform into aDRC with a hot pink uniform trimmed with red hearts, matching bows, polka dot tights instead of socks, and fresh flower wrist corsage.
  13. Western Chaps DCC – Sassy cowgirl flair comes from adding dazzling rhinestone chaps, a bandana around your neck, and a cow print vest instead of the traditional one.
  14. cheerleader – ’70s insignia in bold fonts and team colors makes for a throwback vintage vibe.
  15. Mardi Gras Masquerade DCC – In purple, green and gold colors, this costume includes a feathery mask plus bead necklaces and sequined/feathered vest trim.

Have fun dreaming up creative concepts that mix and match signature Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader style with novelty themes or eras. The iconic uniform easily adapts into one-of-a-kind looks!

Now that your costume channels DCC style to a T, let’s get into key questions about the legendary squad.

Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders FAQs: Facts About Uniforms, Pay, Rules and More

Why are Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders so much more famous globally than other NFL squads?

Revamping their style and upping the glam factor made them stand out from typical sport cheer teams. Racy costumes and sultry dance moves also contributed to notoriety. Performing on TV specials and overseas USO tours cemented their icon status transcending football.

What are the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders officially called?

While commonly referred to as the Cowboy Cheerleaders or DCC, the official name for the team is simply the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

Do Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders get paid? If so, how much?

Yes, cheerleaders earn approximately $12-15 per hour for rehearsals, games and appearances. Top performers can also make $15-20k annually from corporate endorsements, memorabilia sales, and special performances.

How long do auditions take to make the DCC squad?

The intensive audition process spans approximately one month from preliminaries and semifinals to finals. Hundreds of hopefuls vye for just 35-40 open spots each season.

What happens if a cheerleader gains weight and no longer fits the uniform?

Standards remain extremely strict for maintaining the ideal height/weight proportions to flatter the iconic uniforms. DCCs failing to meet guidelines risk suspension or dismissal.

Do uniforms, makeup or hairstyles ever change or stay the same?

Styles remain remarkably consistent over the decades to retain signature brand recognition. Slight updates may reflect current beauty trends but looks essentially stay frozen in the disco era.

Can Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders date the football players?

No, fraternization between cheerleaders and players is strictly forbidden as per signed conduct agreements. Interaction off the field results in immediate dismissal.

How much money do the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders generate for the franchise annually?

Estimates indicate at least $1 million from calendars, appearances and licensed products. Their true value comes from building global brand awareness however.

What is the retirement age where cheerleaders must give up performing on the squad?

Age ceiling caps at 28-30 for endline dancers and up to age 45 for show group members who only make appearances but no longer actively cheer at games.

How long can someone remain a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader?

No term limits exist, only mandatory retirement ages. As long as squad members make the team each season, they can remain on indefinitely until reaching ceiling ages.

Have fun dreaming up creative concepts that mix ‘n match signature Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader style with other novelty themes. The iconic uniform easily adapts for one-of-a-kind looks.

Once your entire ensemble comes together, it’s time to nail the persona by adopting signature poses and attitude.

I hope this guide has illuminated all things Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders style so you can rock an iconic Halloween costume this year! Let me know if you have any other questions and be sure to tag me on social @FiveSixSevenEight when you show off your fetchingly festive DCC outfit.

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