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Cowgirl Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Western Look

Cowgirl Outfit Ideas

Yee-haw cowgirls and guys! Embracing your inner rodeo queen or king with a boot scootin’ cowgirl outfit is a super fun way to dress up for a party, festival, or even an average day when you want to spice up your style.

In this post, I’ll provide tons of cowgirl outfit ideas to help you put together the perfect cowgirl-chic look from head to toe. You’ll find outfit ideas ranging from sexy and sassy to cute and folksy. I’ll cover tops, bottoms, dresses, accessories and styling tips galore.

So get ready to go western wild! Keep scrolling to get inspired to create a cowgirl outfit that’s uniquely you, whether you’re looking to channel country glam Dolly Parton, rough and ready Annie Oakley, or modern country star Kacey Musgraves.

Cowgirl Style Overview

Before diving into specifics, let’s break down the key elements that make up the cowboy/cowgirl style:

Cowgirl Style Overview
Cowgirl Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Western Look 1

Tops: button-down plaid shirts, crop tops, off-the-shoulder blouses, bandana halter tops

Bottoms: cut-off jean shorts, denim skirts, leather pants, overalls, fringe miniskirts

Dresses: swishy floral dresses, wrap dresses with boots

Outerwear: denim jackets, duster cardigans, cropped fringe vests

Footwear: cowboy boots, cowboy hats, bandanas

Accessories: belt buckles, cowboy hats, bandanas, chaps, cow print, anything with fringe!

Now let’s get into how to put together these pieces into complete cowgirl outfits, starting from the top down!

Cowgirl Tops and Shirts

A good cowgirl knows a western-inspired top or shirt sets the mood for your whole outfit. Go with:

Plaid Button Downs: The quintessential cowgirl shirt. Go sleeveless for a Daisy Duke look or down and dirty with full sleeves.

Crop Tops: Pair a cheeky cropped top with jeans or a skirt. Look for knotted, off-the-shoulder, ribbed or ruffly styles.

Bandana Tops: Use triangle bandanas as halters, wraps or peekaboo accents.

Fringed Tops: Fringe adds flair! Look for it on cropped shirts, sleeves and vests.

Graphic Tees: Keep it lighthearted with tees featuring cow prints, bucking broncos, funny sayings and western motifs.

Corset Tops: Channel saloon girl vibes with a corset over a blousey peasant top.

With the right top, you’re well on your way to cowgirl cuteness!

Bottoms for a Cowgirl Outfit
Cowgirl Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Western Look 2

Bottoms for a Cowgirl Outfit

Now let’s move down south for ideas on bottoms that can make or break your outfit:

Cut Off Jean Shorts: Also known as Daisy Dukes, go as short as you dare! Fray the edges for an authentic look.

Leather Pants or Leggings: For a sexy cowgirl twist, slip into leather or faux leather fitted pants.

Fringe Miniskirts: Look for suede fringe details on denim, leather or corduroy minis.

Overall Shorts: Cute and comfy overalls shorts with pockets add farmgirl flair.

Ruffled Skirts: A prairie-style floral skirt balances out crop tops.

Denim Skirts: An A-line, button-down or wrap denim skirt gives versatility.

Now that your top and bottom are decided, let’s pull the whole outfit together.


Cowgirl Outfit Ideas and Styles

Get inspired by these fun head to toe cowgirl outfit combinations:

The Daisy Dukes Look – A tied plaid shirt with fringe, tiny denim cutoffs, cowboy boots and hat is sexy cowgirl at its best.

The Farmgirl – Bring inocence into play with an off-shoulder blouse, ruffly floral skirt, woven belt and kerchief scarf.

The Wild Outlaw – Channel your inner Annie Oakley with leather pants, cropped bandana top, chaps, cowboy hat and boots.

The Wild Outlaw
Cowgirl Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Western Look 3

The Sparkly Cowgirl – Combine a rhinestone cowgirl graphic tee with black denim shorts, cowboy boots and hat for casual glam.

The Rodeo Queen – A red gingham wrap dress with brown fringe vest, cowboy hat and boots is ready to claim the crown!

The Modern Cowgirl – Update the look with a fitted tee, denim jacket, flowy midi skirt and minimal accessories.

There are so many ways to put together pieces to create cowgirl magic. Now let’s dial it up with accessories.

Accessorizing Your Cowgirl Outfit

Accessories can take your cowgirl gear from ho-hum to wow. Some stylish ideas:

Statement Belt: Wide belts with oversized buckles cinch the waist. Look for engraved, turquoise, chain styles.

Bandanas: Tie around neck, use to tie hair back, or knot onto handbags.

Cowboy Hats: Felt, straw, suede – take your pick! Go dramatic with a huge brim or keep it simple.

Boots: Cowboy boots are the quintessential footwear. Try different heel heights and embellishments.

Bolo Ties: Leather cords with etched metal or turquoise tips look seriously western.

Chaps or Harnesses: Leather chaps add that sexy cow protection. Harnesses strap around denim for flair.

Sunglasses: Go for sporty aviators, bug-eye, reflective lens or cateye.

Don’t forget fun patches, bolo ties, kerchiefs and jewelry too. Really make it your own!

Putting Together A Cowgirl Costume Outfit

If you’re dressing up as a cowgirl for Halloween, a party, or a rodeo event, go big with head to toe intensity!

Rodeo Queen Costume: Fringe sash, felt cowboy hat, denim dress, cow print belt, boots, lariat rope.

Salon Girl Costume: Bustier corset top, ruffly skirt with garters, fishnets, bow tie choker, sexy cowboy boots.

Ranch Hand Costume: Plaid shirt, denim or leather overalls, bandana, cowboy hat, rope toy gun in holster.

Dance Hall Darlin’ Costume: Off-shoulder floral top with ruffles, trumpet fringe leather skirt, cowboy boots, hat and prop guitar.

Go for dramatic makeup, fun accessories and don’t shy away from sexy elements or getups to portray a character. Cosplay it up cowgirl style!

Cowboy Outfit Ideas for Guys

While cowgirls may first come to mind, cowboys can totally rock this style too. Just masculinize it with:

Jean Jackets: Still look cool and on-trend. Especially over plaid.

Boots: Square toe boots balance out flowy shirts.

Henley Shirts: Leave buttons undone over an undershirt for casual flair.

Stetson Hat: Keep the head warm while stylin’

Leather Gloves: Add slight ruggedness

Bolo Ties: Slide a macramé one on over button-downs.

Pair elements like these with dark rinse jeans, pants with piping or chaps, and you’ll harness that sexy cowboy energy in no time!

Cowboy Outfit
Cowgirl Outfit Ideas: How to Create the Perfect Western Look 4

Accessorizing Your Cowboy Outfit

Balance masculine pieces with small rugged accents:

Watches: Go for big faced styles with leather or metal bands.

Rings: Silver and turquoise nod to the Southwest

Bandanas: Around the neck or peeking from back pockets.

Boots with Spurs: Let the spurs glint if going for true cowboy grit.

A crisp Stetson, leather belt, and engraved flask slipped into the boot tops it off!

Throwing a Cowgirl Themed Party

Got a hankering to host a down home hoedown and looking for fun ideas? Include these elements:

Attire: Ask your guests to don their finest cowgirl and cowboy garb!

Music: Create playlists featuring classic and modern country hits to line dance to.

Menu: Serve downhome favorites like pulled pork sandwiches, cornbread, bbq wings, baked beans, coleslaw, beer and whiskey cocktails.

Decor: Checkered tablecloths, bandana streamers, mason jar flower arrangements, burlap, cowboy boots, hay bales and denim give the right look.

Activities: Square dancing lessons, karaoke, mechanical bull rides, horseshoe games, and country trivia.

From the outfit ideas to the atmosphere, make it an evening filled with yee-haw fun for you and your cowpoke posse. It’s sure to be a boot scootin’ good time!

Cowgirl Looks Through History

Now that we’ve covered how to put together modern cowgirl style, let’s explore how the iconic cowgirl look has evolved over time:

1800s Pioneers – Practical looks featuring durable skirts, aprons, bonnets and shawls that could endure rugged frontier life.

Rodeo Stars of the 1920s – Sparkly decorated riding attire with fringe, cow-print, skirts over riding pants and cowboy hats.

Singing Cowboys of the 1930s-40s – The Hollywood cowboy era with elaborate western wear, ornate boots, stand-up collared shirts on stars like Gene Autry.

Pinup Cowgirls of the 1940s-50s – Hourglass va-va-voom looks with bustiers, button-downs and high-waisted jeans on pinup models.

Country Queens of the 1960-70s – Trailblazers like Dolly Parton modernized cowgirl style with big hair, glitz and showy fringe outfits.

Rhinestone Revival of the 1990s – Pop stars like Shania Twain brought back bedazzled and sparkly cowboy looks.

Cowgirl Chic Today – While paying homage to tradition, modern looks focus on effortless cool mixing western wear with contemporary pieces.

The cowgirl look will continue to evolve by honoring the past while looking ahead. Now let’s look at how you can put together items you already own into fresh cowgirl outfits.

Creating Cowgirl Outfits from Your Closet

You likely have pieces in your closet now that can be styled with a dash of country flair, including:

  • Floral dresses: Add cowboy boots and a denim jacket for cowgirl chic.
  • Plaid button downs: Tie up the hem and wear with cut offs and a cowboy hat.
  • Bandana scarves: Use as a headwrap, mask, or shirt accent.
  • Denim pieces: Jean jackets, skirts, shorts and pants become building blocks.
  • Boho accessories: Bags with fringe and woven leather belts fit right in.
  • Statement jewelry: Turquoise, etched metal and lapis styles say Southwest.

With creative styling, you can cowgirl-fy your current wardrobe on a budget. Time to give your inner rodeo queen the chance to sparkle!

Frequently Asked Questions About Cowgirl Style

Here are answers to some common questions people have about rocking the cowgirl look:

What are the key pieces of a classic cowgirl outfit?

The essentials are a button-down plaid top, cowprint accents, cutoff shorts or a denim skirt, cowboy boots and hat and accessories like belt buckles.

What do you wear under an off-the-shoulder cowgirl top?

You have a couple stylish options: a colorful bandeau or scarf-style bra, a camisole with lace trim, or even a ruffly peasant blouse.

How short can you go with cowgirl cutoff shorts?

Cutoffs range from Daisy Duke short-shorts to longer Bermuda styles. Aim for a length you feel confident rocking. Try the “longer short” look if unsure.

What shoes work with a cowgirl outfit besides cowboy boots?

Some cute alternatives that can work: embroidered ankle booties, fringed flat sandals, suede Oxfords or kitten heels.

What is the difference between country, western and cowgirl style?

While they have overlap, “country” is more casual rural style, “western” refers to looks inspired by the old west, and “cowgirl” specifically focuses on feminine western looks.

Ready to get your yee-haw on by putting together fierce cowgirl outfits? Take inspiration from the suggestions and pieces here but ultimately let your spirit shine through. Happy trails cowgirls and cowpokes!

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