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The Black Maine Coon Cat: A Complete Guide to This Gorgeous, Gentle Giant Feline Breed

Black Maine Coon Cat

With their distinctive long black fur, captivating green eyes, and puppy-like personalities, black Maine Coon cats never fail to make a striking impression. While the Brown Tabby may be the classic Maine Coon look, solid black coats reveal a majestic elegance in this breed.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about the beautiful black Maine Coon. You’ll learn about their origins, physical features, temperament, and care needs. I’ll also provide special tips for black Maine Coon kittens as well as a look at full grown black Maine Coon cats.

Whether you’re considering adding one of these eye-catching gentle giants to your home or just want to understand the breed better, keep reading for complete black Maine Coon facts, costs, photos, and insights!

Full Grown Black Maine Coon Cat 
The Black Maine Coon Cat: A Complete Guide to This Gorgeous, Gentle Giant Feline Breed 1

Overview of the Stunning Black Maine Coon Cat

The Maine Coon is one of the largest and oldest natural domesticated cat breeds. Hailing from the rugged wilderness of Maine, they evolved as tender yet mighty mousers able to survive harsh winters.

Black Maine Coons exhibit all the spectacular traits of the breed from a massive frame and lush coat to the famous warm, social personality. A few quick facts:

  • Glossy, dense black fur gives off a sleek panther-like appearance.
  • Striking emerald, yellow or copper-colored eyes stand out against the dark coat.
  • Large, sturdy bones underlie a muscular frame. Males often reach 20+ pounds.
  • Long, bushy raccoon-like tail and prominent ear tufts.
  • Hardy, gentle temperament suits their role as loyal family companions and pest deterrents.

Now let’s explore the origins of these marvelous black cats.

History of the Black Maine Coon Cat

While the Maine Coon breed traces back centuries in the Northeast United States, the black coat emerged fairly recently:

  • Origins – The overall Maine Coon breed developed spontaneously over 200 years ago as a landrace cat in Maine. Their thick coats and hardy build evolved to survive harsh winters in the region.
  • Original coat colors – Brown tabby and orange coats were the most prolific originally. Solid black coats were quite rare.
  • Emergence of black – Solid black Maine Coons really started appearing in litters more frequently in the 1950s-60s. Their striking appearance quickly gained popularity.
  • Popularity today – While not the most common color, the black Maine Coon is definitely widely beloved today, especially for its dazzling green eyes.

No matter the shade, the Maine Coon is America’s native longhaired cat breed and persists as a beloved gentle giant. Next let’s explore why black Maine Coons have such mesmerizing eyes.

Striking Eye Colors Found on Black Maine Coon Cats

One of the most captivating features of black Maine Coon cats are their vivid eye colors made more prominent by the dark fur.

The most stunning eye shades found on black Maine Coons include:

Green – Vibrant green eyes in luminous shades of emerald, jade and chartreuse perhaps most fitting for a cat named after a rugged state nicknamed “The Pine Tree State”.

Gold – Gorgeous bullion, amber and yellow gold eyes glow against jet black fur.

Copper – Warm shades of metallic copper pennies or russet sunsets make a striking statement.

Yellow – Vivid lemon and butter yellow eyes demand admiration against the panther-like coats.

Odd-Eyed – With one blue and one golden eye, these “odd-eyed” black Maine Coons display the best of both worlds.

Maine Coon eye colors result from complex inherited factors, but all make for hypnotizing windows into their gentle souls. Now let’s get better acquainted with these cats’ charming personalities.

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Personality and Temperament of the Black Maine Coon

Beyond simply stunning looks, black Maine Coons captivate with their friendly dispositions. Some key personality traits include:

  • Gentle, mellow temperament befitting their larger size. A true gentle giant.
  • Highly intelligent, playful and retain a kittenish nature their whole lives.
  • Bond closely with their chosen human. Devoted and loyal once they attach.
  • Most adjust well to other home pets with proper introductions.
  • Confident, social and curious. Not easily frightened and love meeting new people.
  • Energetic in bursts but enjoy lounging. Not overly demanding or needy of attention. Independent but attached.
  • Use their loud, chirpy voices to communicate. Some talk more than others.

When provided proper care, the sweet black Maine Coon makes a wonderful lifelong companion. Later we’ll cover specifics on care and health. But first, more on their signature looks.

Appearance and Physical Traits

Let’s look closer at the stunning physical qualities of the black Maine Coon cat:

  • Dense medium-long black fur – Single coat sheds seasonally. Feels smooth and silky. Shows purple undertones in sunlight.
  • Long, bushy raccoon-like tail – Equal to body length helps balance their agile leaps.
  • Ear tufts and toe tufts – Signature “lynx tipping” ear fur and long toe fur between toes.
  • Large sturdy frame – Rectangular body, broad chest, square muzzle. Males average 13-22 pounds at maturity.
  • Green eyes – Vivid green eye color most common but gold, copper and yellow also occur.
  • Long lifespan – Reach full size around age 3-5. Live 12-15+ years.

The combination of their plush coat, muscular build, eye colors and facial fur tufts gives black Maine Coons dramatic wild panther-like beauty.

Grooming and Care of the Black Maine Coon

While self-sufficient in many ways, the Maine Coon still has care needs:

  • Nutrition – High-protein grain-free diet supports their active lifestyle and fur health. Both wet and dry food works.
  • Grooming – Comb their thick coat thoroughly yet gently 2-3 times per week to prevent knots and mats. Trim nails every 2-3 weeks.
  • Health – Maine Coons are a sturdy, hardy breed but annual vet visits, vaccines and parasite prevention help ward off issues. Spay/neuter to prevent wandering and marking.
  • Home environment – Give them vertical space to climb like cat trees and wall shelves. Provide interactive toys and puzzles. Cat-proof for safety.
  • Socialization – Gradually expose them to new people, pets and experiences. Build confidence through handling and adventure.

With dedicated care and proper introductions, a black Maine Coon makes a wonderfully devoted, polite member of any family. Later we’ll cover specifics on costs.

Full Grown Black Maine Coon Cat Size, Growth Rate, and Appearance

One of the most frequently asked questions about Maine Coons involves how incredibly large these cats become when full grown. Their sheer size never fails to impress.

Here’s a closer look at full grown black Maine Coon cats:

  • Average weight – Male Maine Coons range 15-25 pounds on average at maturity. Females weigh 10-18 pounds. Proper diet prevents unhealthy obesity.
  • Average height – Males reach 14-16 inches tall shoulder height. Females measure 12-14 inches tall on average when full grown.
  • Average length – From nose to base of tail, male Maine Coons stretch 34-48 inches long. Females reach 32-40 inches in length.
  • Coat length – The full plush coat reaches 4-6 inches in length at maturity and requires daily grooming to minimize tangles and mats.
  • Physical development – Maine Coons are slow developers, not reaching full adult size until age 3-5. But their gentle temperament emerges earlier.

Take time to appreciate each stage as your black Maine Coon kitten grows into an astounding cat! Their sheer size contributes to the breed’s legendary folklore status.

Purchasing a Black Maine Coon Kitten – What to Expect

Due to the surge in popularity of Maine Coons, acquiring a black Maine Coon kitten may take time, preparation and a financial investment. Here’s what to expect:

  • Wait times – Responsible Maine Coon breeders often have 6 month to 1+ year waitlists for available litters. Be open-minded about gender and color if aiming for black specifically.
  • Vetting process – Reputable breeders carefully screen potential buyers to ensure kittens go to a lifetime nurturing home meeting the needs of this special breed. Expect interviews and even home visits.
  • Costs – Black Maine Coon kittens may range from $1000 to upwards of $2500+ depending upon lineage, breeder reputation, and “pet” versus “breeder” quality.
  • Contracts – Most breeders require signing a contract stipulating things like lifetime care, indoor only restrictions, agreement not to breed, etc. Read thoroughly.
  • Travel – Be open to traveling outside your immediate area to find the ideal ethical breeder with available kittens. Some even ship internationally.

While the process takes dedication, finding the perfect black Maine Coon kitten is well worth it! Let’s go over estimated costs.

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Maine Coon Ownership Costs – What to Budget For

Here are average expected costs for owning a Maine Coon cat:

One-Time Initial Costs

Adoption or Purchase – $1000 to $2500+

This covers the cost of purchasing from a breeder or adoption fee at a shelter/rescue. Ensures initial vet exams, vaccines, deworming, and spay/neuter are covered.

Supplies – $500 to $1000

Includes essentials like food bowls, litter box, cat tree, scratching posts, toys, grooming tools, cat bed, kitten food, collar, ID tag, and initial food supply.

Spay/Neuter – $100 to $500

This essential surgery for health and behavior reasons will likely be covered in initial adoption costs. But budget extra in case.

Microchip and Registration – $25 to $75

A microchip ID registered to your contact info can help reunite a lost Maine Coon cat with you.

Monthly Care Costs

Food – $40 to $100

Quality cat food for a Maine Coon can average $40-60 monthly, but may cost more if feeding a boutique brand.

Litter – $25 to $50

Budget for several litter box cleanings per day given their large size. Cost varies based on litter brand and quantity needed.

Grooming – $10 to $30

Regular brushing, combing, nail trims and teeth brushing help save on medical care later on.

Toys – $10 to $30

Rotate toys frequently to fight boredom. Interactive puzzle toys provide needed mental stimulation.

Medical Care$50 to $200

Budget for routine well visits, vaccines, parasite prevention and any illnesses/injuries. Save for emergencies too. Exotic pet insurance can help offset costs.

Pet Sitters$15 to $50 per day

If traveling, arrange for a trusted pet sitter or quality boarding facility. Rates vary.

While not cheap, the joy of sharing your life with a Maine Coon is priceless. Let’s answer some final frequently asked questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Black Maine Coon Cats

Here are answers to some commonly asked questions for potential black Maine Coon cat owners:

What is the rarest color of a Maine Coon cat?

The rarest Maine Coon color is chocolate or lavender, followed by the cinnamon coat. Solid black Maine Coons are somewhat uncommon but not the rarest coloration.

How big can a black Maine Coon cat get?

A full grown black Maine Coon can weigh 15-25 pounds on average. Length from nose to tail base is 34-48 inches for males and 32-40 inches for females. They are gentle giants!

Can a Maine Coon be all black?

Yes, Maine Coons are seen in many colors including all black. Their inky, dense black coat and vivid green, gold or copper eyes make a stunning combo.

Can black Maine Coons have blue eyes?

Because black coat color is linked to the yellow, copper and gold eye gene in Maine Coons, blue eyes are extremely rare and unlikely in black Maine Coons. But odd-eyed cats can occur.

I hope this complete guide has provided helpful insights into the majestic black Maine Coon! Reach out if you have any other questions. To learn about a lookalike wild cousin, check out Siamese Cat Breeds!

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